The vision of the college is to impart education and knowledge at all levels of the society. The vision is to build up a sound human resource base of the state and to attain the status of a model evening college in the Eastern region of India.

All of us are familiar with the Sanskrit phrase ‘Chhatranam adhyanang tapoh’. Taking inspiration from this maxim our mission is to provide a thorough ethical and aesthetic foundation to the character of our students. Going beyond formal pedagogy we wish to develop a model human resource center, which would not churn out students but build human beings who are humble yet confident. Thus our motto: ‘Vidya dadati vinayang’. Surendranath Evening College vows to attain the objectives of a model evening college in Bengal vis-a-vis India.

We believe that higher education in diversified fields of studies is most fruitful when individuals at every level of our society share it. This is well reflected when our students excel in their job places. We believe that “knowledge imparts humility”.

surendranath2Surendranath Banerjee (10th November 1848 – 6th August 1925) was one of the great stalwarts of India’s freedom movement.

In 1882, Surendranath Banerjee took over the charge of Presidency School. Early in 1884 this school was converted to Presidency Institution affiliated to LA standard. Later in the same year 1884, it became a degree college named ‘Ripon College’. In 1885, a law department was added and a new college took shape as Ripon Law College.

In 1948-49, two years after attaining independence in 1947, Surendranath College was formed named after the illustrious founder.

The establishment of the commerce section in 1940 and the evening science section in 1947 eventually made way to the formation of SURENDRANATH EVENING COLLLEGE in 1961.

In 1963 some more subjects were added like Political Science, History, Economics, Sanskrit, Urdu, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Our elaborate campus

Our elaborate campus

In the year 1996, the University of Calcutta affiliated Honours in Bengali. The introduction of Computer Science, Electronic Science and especially Electronic Equipment Maintenance (Vocational) at degree level in 1998-99 and Honors in Marketing in Commerce Stream in 2004-05 has been an important step towards making this college a model evening college.

Besides the college is running the Honours course in Accountancy quite successfully. In 2001-2002 university gave permission to start the Honours course in Electronic Science. After a gap of two years the University of Calcutta affiliated Honors in English, Hindi and Urdu.

Since 2007-2008 this college started teaching Honours course in a premiere science subject like Physics. Very recently, the university has affiliated Geography in General Course. The college is going to introduce Honours in Mathematics from this session. Our college is recognized by the UGC U/S 2f and 12b. Its parent body is the University of Calcutta and a governing body governs it.

Located at the heart of the cosmopolitan city just in the vicinity of Sealdah station and very close to the Howrah station and the University of Calcutta, just at the end of the flyover on Mahatma Gandhi Road, our college has architecture of old colonial days with white corridors and spacious class rooms. With an impressive roll-strength, the college premise is nevertheless clean and well maintained.

It is one of the oldest and most famous evening colleges in the eastern region.