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The Department of Commerce of Surendranath Evening College, University of Calcutta was founded in 1961. Currently functioning with the capacity of 3000 student intake, the department runs courses like B. Com (Hons) in Accounting and Finance and B. Com (General) courses.

Additionally, the department runs add-on courses in e-filing and accounting packages. The department has an active Training and Placement Cell, which operates with the objective of placing students as for the right role. The students of the college have been placed in reputed companies like Tech Mahindra and Page Setter.

We have a team of faculties specialized in areas like Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and many more. The department also has a well-equipped IT Lab with proper internet connectivity.

Courses presently being taught under the aegis of CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) Framework introduced by the UGC (University Grant’s Commission) in 2018 are:
(i) 3 Year (6 semester) B.Com. (Honours) courses in Accounting & Finance
(ii) 3 Year (6 semester) B.Com. (General) course
CBCS syllabus over here

Courses presently being taught under the aegis of the Curriculum and Credit Framework (CCF) of the New Education Policy (NEP), introduced from the session 2023-24 are:
(i) 4 Year B.Com. (Honours & Honours with Research) program in Accounting & Finance
(ii) 3 Year B.Com. Multi-Disciplinary Course (MDC)
NEP CCF syllabus over here

Add on course:
6 months add on course on “Tally ERP and e-filing”

Dr. Amit Das
Assistant Professor
M.Com, Ph.D

Sri Arun Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor
M.Com. & NET

Dr. Monojit Dutta
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., M. Com (Accounting & Finance), PGDPMS, UGC-NET & WB-SET

Mr. Bikash Kumar Rabidas
Assistant Professor
M. Com (Accounting & Finance), UGC-NET, D.El.Ed.

Dr. Afsha Afreen
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., M. Com (Marketing), UGC-NET (JRF)

Sri Shyamal Kumar Pathak

M.Com., M.Phil.

M.Com., M.Phil.

Ms. Luxmi Jha
M.Com., M.Phil. WBSET

Smt. Chaitali Ghosh

Amit Das, Assistant Professor
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Rajdeep Bhattacharjee, SACT-II
Paper Presentation
1. National seminar on “Emerging Issues in Accounting & Finance” held on 20th November, 2015 in University of Kalyani. Paper title: Working Capital Management of selected Pharmaceutical Companies in India.
2. International seminar on “Emerging Issues in Finance and Banking” held on 27th and 28th February, 2020 in Surendranath Evening College. Paper title: Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in India: A Study of selected NIFTY 50 Companies
3. National webinar on “Post Lockdown Economy – Challenges Before business & Accountants” held on 4th and 5th July, 2020 organised by Indian Accounting Association- Kolkata Branch in association with The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Paper title: Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability – A Comparative Study between Arvind Ltd. and Welspun India Ltd.
4. International conference on “The VUCA World: Its Impact on the Business Environment” held on 10th & 11th of March, 2023 organized by The Bhawanipur Education Society College and South Kolkata Association for Commerce Researchers and Academicians. Paper title: Profitability Analysis of Select Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies in India.
5. International Seminar on Issues in Accounting, Finance & Management held on 9th February 2024 organised by Departmnet of Copmmerce, university of Kalyani in associated with Indian Accounting Association, Kolkata Branch. Paper title: Profitability Analysis of FMCG companies in India: A Study

Workshop /Seminar/Webinar Attend
1. Participated in a workshop on Philosophy & Application of research methodology in social science organised by Bangabasi Morning College, Department of Commerce
2. Partcipated in the One-Day Workshop entitled “Crafting and Conducting Research and How to Publish” organised by the Post-Graduate Department of Commerce, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata
3. Participate in Workshop on Taxation-II (Included in the Curricula of Semester V of B. Com. (Honours & General Course Studies under CBCS) and the deliberations on the Syllabi and Teaching Learning Aspects of GST.
4. Participation in National level seminar on ‘Business Risk’& GD Roy Memorial Lecture Organised by Indian Accounting Association Research Foundation.
5. Participation in International level seminar entitled Emerging Issues in Finance and Banking Organised by Department Of Commerce, Surendranath Evening College
6. Participation in State level webinar entitled ICT Enabled Teaching Learning Evaluation; Resourses,Tools and Rules During Covid-19 Period Organised by Department Of Library Science and IQAC, Surendranath Evening College.
7. Participation in an Online Talk on No Lockdown On Domestic Violence During The COVID Pandemic organised by the Women’s Cell and approved by the IQAC of The Bhawanipur Education Society College
8. Participation in an International Webinar on ‘COVID 19: Rebooting Economy’ organised by the Department of Commerce (UG & PG) in collaboration with the IQAC
9. Participation in One Day International Webinar on Covid-19: Global Economic Crisis Organised by Department of Commerce in collaboration with Department of Economics, FAKIR CHAND COLLEGE
10. Participated in the One Day International Webinar on “Covid 19: Emerging Issues in Accounting and Financial Markets”, organised by Department of Commerce, Maharaja Manindra Chandra College
11. Participation in webinar on “Intellectual Property Right ” organized by Department of Commerce & IQAC of R. B. C. Evening College.

Priyankar Modak, SACT-II
Paper Presented
1. Presented at the 44th All India Accounting Conference and International Seminar on Accounting Education and Research, organized by the School of Commerce and Business Studies, Jiwaji University, Gwalior, M.P. India in association with Indian Accounting Association, Gwalior Branch on 29th to 30th October 2022.
1. Published a paper titled “Disclosure of Sustainable Water Management Practices: A Comparative Study Between NTPC and Tata Power” in an Edited Book on Sustainable Roadmap Development Strategies in India: Paving the Way for a Better Future, published by Lincoln University College, Malaysia. ISBN No. 978-967-2819-24-0
Luxmi Jha, SACT-II, Dept of Commerce, SNEC
Research Publications
1. Presented and published a paper entitled “Women Empowerment: Gender Budgeting in India” in the ICSSR-sponsored National Seminar held on 1st September 2018.
2. Presented and published a paper on titled “Human Development in India with Special Reference to Women Empowerment” in a National Seminar held in the Heritage College by the Department of Economics & Commerce in collaboration with the Economic Research Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata on 18th&19th January 2019.
3. Presented a paper entitled “ Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) score on Climate Change: An Empirical Investigation on Indian Companies” in the 42nd All India Accounting Conference & International Seminar on Accounting Education & Research held on 28th & 29th December 2019.
4. Published a paper on the topic “The Role of Micro Finance: A Study on Self Help Groups- Bank Linkage Programme in West Bengal” in the Two-Day International Conference on Emerging Issues in Finance and Banking, organized by Surendranath Evening College held on 27th& 28th February 2020.
5. Published a paper on the topic “Preference of Virtual Meeting Application during the Lockdown Period of Covid-19: A Survey of West Bengal” in a One-Day International Webinar on ‘E-Learning –Teaching Strategies and Teacher’s Stress in Post covid-19 sessions’ organized by Satyapriya Roy College of Education held on 3rd July 2020.

Chaitali Ghosh, SACT-II
1. (2021) A Study on Interrelatedness between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Reputation, RAY: International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, E-ISSN: 2456-3064, Volume VI, No. 1, pp. 33-45.
2. (2021) Impact of Microfinance Institutions on Women Empowerment: A State Based Overview, Recent Developments in Financial Institutions and Markets, ISBN: 978-93-5445-680-0, Published by Department of Commerce Vidyasagar University Midnapore-721 102 West Bengal, India
3. (2022) The Interlinkage Between Value Added Intellectual Capital and Corporate Profitability: A Study on Indian Pharmaceutical Companies, Vidyasagar University Journal of Commerce, ISSN 0973-5917, volume 27, pp. 34-51.

Dr. Monojit Dutta, Assistant Professor
1. (Nov 2022) “Privatization, Performance and Efficiency: A Study on Selected Indian Companies” pp: 275-283 Contemporary Issues in Business Education.
2. (August 2021) “Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Banking Sector”. (pp. 40-53) Brain Bloomers
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Dr. Afsha Afreen, Assistant Professor
1. (2022). The Antecedents of Instagram Store Purchase Intention: Exploring the Role of Trust in Social Commerce. Published online in Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective. [Indexed: Scopus; ABDC] 2. (2021). The Antecedents of Intention to Purchase Authentic Handloom Apparel in India: A case of Banarasi Silk Apparel Consumers. SCMS Journal of Indian Management, 18(4). [Indexed: Scopus, UGC-Care] 3. (2021). Visual Merchandising and Impulsive Purchase Tendency: An Empirical Study of Consumers in Apparel Sector. Management Insight, 17(2), 73-80. [Indexed: Google Scholar, Crossref] 4. (2020). Impact of antecedents of online learning on learner’s satisfaction in higher education: An empirical investigation on Commerce and Management students in the COVID era. SMS Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, 7(1), 77-88. [Indexed: Google Scholar] 5. (2020). An empirical analysis of the causal relationship between NPA and its determinants in Yes Bank. NMIMS Management Review, 38(2), 17-30. [Indexed: Web of Science ESCI] 6. (2020). An Empirical Analysis of India’s Export with BRICS Nation: A Case Study of Silk Product. Pacific Business Review International, 12(9), 71-77. [Indexed: Web of Science ESCI] 7. (2019). India’s Foreign Trade of Agricultural Products: A Study of Composition and Direction of Trade. Saaransh RKG Journal of Management, 11(1), 56-65. [UGC approved] Publication in Conference Proceedings
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