Mission & Vision – Surendranath Evening College

Mission & Vision

Our Vision:

Imparting Education and Knowledge for All
The vision of our college is to impart education and knowledge to students belonging to all levels of society, following the footsteps of our esteemed founder, Sir Surendranath Banerjee. As a passionate patriot of the Indian freedom movement and an exceptional educationist cum politician, Sir Surendranath Banerjee envisioned education as the key to empowerment. In alignment with his legacy, our college provides holistic and quality-based education to students from every stratum of the society. We aim to equip them with knowledge, employable skills, and a varied perspective, enabling them to become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Our Mission:

Building a Centre of Excellence
Our college aspires to evolve, improve, and upgrade itself while staying true to its heritage and values, and strives to be a centre of excellence in higher education and research. Our mission is to provide quality education to the students, especially from the marginalized sections of society, and cultivate a strong human resource base in West Bengal, thereby becoming a model evening college in the eastern region of India.