Organizational Structure – Surendranath Evening College

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of Surendranath Evening College is best illustrated by an organogram which is displayed below:

The President serves as the head of the Governing Body, which meets to address matters related to finances, infrastructure, faculty hiring, etc.
The Principal serves as the chief administrator and oversees the general operation of the institution with the assistance from the Teachers’ Council and the Non-Teaching and Support Staff.
The Heads of the departments complete the academic, financial, and co-curricular responsibilities of the departments in cooperation with the Principal and the teachers of their respective departments.
The Finance and Purchase sub-committees oversee the college’s internal finances to ensure efficient use of funds.
The library’s academic resources and facilities are upgraded on the recommendation from the librarian, who also oversees and manages the library’s upkeep, with the active help and participation of the library support-staff.
The Student Council coordinates various extracurricular activities throughout the year, like sports, cultural activities etc.
A host of other subcommittees oversee and coordinate other activities.
The teaching and non-teaching staff hold their roles in accordance with the UGC and University of Calcutta regulations, follow the service rules stipulated by the state government and perform their duties under the guidance and stewardship of the Principal and the GB.