Controlling Cells with Policies


Our college is a co-educational institution situated in a very core area of Sealdah nearby railway station and Vidyapati Setu. Here, there is every possibility inside and outside the college to harass our students at present on account of change of social structure and outlook. Keeping in mind, the college authority has formed recently an ANTI-HARASSMENT & ANTI-SEXUAL CELL to prevent future possibility of such harassment of students, teachers and staff. The cell used to functions at chemistry staff lab. under the care of Dr. Supti Saha Roy due to the shortage of space.

Members of this cell are:
1. Dr. Supti Saha Roy, Teacher –in -charge
2. Prof. Urmila Sen, Convener,Faculty
3. Dr. Uma Sankar Saha,Faculty
4. Dr. Manabendra Saha, Faculty
5. Prof. Amit Das, Faculty
6. Prof. Nityananda Thakur,Facluty
7. Prof. Manjari Chakraborty,Faculty
8. Dr. Sankar Prasad Majhi,Faculty
9. Sri Ashok Kr. Chatterjee, Office Staff
10. Sri Nanda Dulal Sen, Office Staff
11. General Secretary, Students’ Union

Contact to CELL: 033-23500261


Our college located at heart of the cosmopolitan city just in the vicinity of Sealdah railway station and very close to the Howrah railway station and Calcutta University just at the end of Vidyapati Setu on M.G. Road where students used to come from different states, city, urban and rural areas with different caste and languages. Due to change of social atmosphere and wide spread of audio-visual media, the students used to learn regarding ragging practices specially in engineering colleges and medical colleges. Anticipating such evil practices of our students, the college authority has recently adopted ANTIRAGGING POLICY to prevent our students from such practice and made the following ANTIRAGGING Squad.

1. Prof. Urmila Sen, Convener,Faculty
2. Dr. Uma Sankar Saha,Faculty
3. Dr. Manabendra Saha, Faculty
4. Dr. Averi Guha, Faculty
5. Prof. Amit Das, Faculty
6. Dr. Nusrat Jahan,Facluty
7. Dr. Barendranath Ray,Faculty
8. Dr. Sankar Prasad Majhi,Faculty
9. Sri Milan Mukherjee, Office Staff
10. Sri Nanda Dulal Sen, Office Staff
11. General Secretary, Student Union
Contact to CELL: 033-23500261


Environmental degradation is one of the basic problems throughout the world. Rapid industrialization and unethical destruction of nature cause intolerable biodegradation on environment. Rapid infrastructure development and destruction of forest for human need create very unscrupulous problem of environment at present and for the future generation too. Considering the need of improvement of our atmosphere and decrease of pollution nearest to our environment and to create public consciousness our college authority has taken different steps to form ECO-CLUB in our college and has taken a GREEN POLICY to make college environment clean and fresh. The ECO-CLUB consists of the following teacher members- Members of ECO-CLUB

1. Prof. Urmila Sen
2. Dr. Sankar Prasad Majhi
3. Prof. Satyajit Biswas
4. Dr. Averi Guha
5. Prof. Nityananda Thakur
6. Dr. Tapas Kumar Paira
7. Dr. Manabendra Saha
8. Prof. Amit Das

Contact to CELL: 033-23500261


The college authority feels about the need of unprivileged section of the society without considering their caste, religion or races. The college authority tries their best to fulfil social commitment which is required to upgrade our students coming from various angle of society expecting to fulfil their optimum dream of learning to become a man of men in society. Keeping in view in mind, the authority always tries to fulfil the basic need of students in a very good and amicable manner. The college provides on an average 72% academic support with the help of departmental teachers and staff by providing special attention to the weaker student, arranging special classes before starting college hours, providing remedial classes etc., personal attention to the very weaker student and minority student are also provided during off periods and also in preparatory days of departmental faculties. On an average personal support is given 18% to the weaker students to develop their literal knowledge. On an average 10% students who are socially and mentally depressed and need physiological, psychological and social support are provided by some of our psychological expert teachers related with the department of psychology of our neighbouring colleges and Calcutta University.

The following members will have search-light as the members of SOCIAL COMMITMENT to the large number of students.
1. Prof. Debasis Manna
2. Dr. Jahar Sen Majumdar
3. Dr. Sankar Prasad Majhi
4. Dr. Souvik Dutta
5. Prof. Amit Das
6. Dr. Tapas Kumar Paira
7. Dr. Sanjit Sarkar

Contact to CELL: 033-23500261