About – Surendranath Evening College


Surendranath Evening College, affiliated to the University of Calcutta, is one of the premier evening colleges in eastern India. It was founded by Surendranath Banerjee, one of the stalwarts of India’s freedom movement. Itis in the heart of the cosmopolitan city, Kolkata, adjacent to Sealdah railway station and not far from Howrah railway station. It is well connected by rail, bus, and road to a vast hinterland comprising urban, suburban, and rural areas, and as such, helps fulfil the educational aspirations of students, not only from nearby localities, but also from places far away. The college takes pride in its ability to serve students from diverse backgrounds, especially those from poor financial and social backgrounds. Furthermore, our college provides students, employed during day time or busy otherwise, the opportunity to pursue their formal studies in the evening.

The college is located near Sealdah Railway Station well connected by railway links having a vast hinterland. The hinterland covers vast urban, suburban, and rural areas. A large number of families having poor financial, social and educational background reside nearby our college. The students from these families find place in our college. Further, students employed during day time or busy otherwise they admitted to quest their thirst for knowledge and learning. Our College bears a tradition over the decades. The college is located at the heart of the cosmopolitan city and in the vicinity of Sealdah and Howrah Railway Stations and the college is in the immediate proximity to the University of Calcutta. It is well connected by train and bus road.

The college pledges its devotion to the pupils of our country. By means of academic audit, reviewing of institutional processes by involving of faculty members, students and staff, we are continuously trying to improve our delivery of teaching services at the lowest possible costs.

Our college is presently governed by a democratically constituted Governing Body consisting of thirteen members out of which two members nominated by the University of Calcutta, two members nominated by the Director of Public Instructions, Government of West Bengal, one member from Local self-government, four members representatives from Teaching Staff, two members representatives from non­ teaching staff, and the General Secretary of Students’ Union. The college follows the government orders and instructions on finance matters relating to salary and dearness allowance disbursement to the staffs.