Distinguished Performances – Surendranath Evening College

Distinguished Performances

Our College is located at the heart of the cosmopolitan city just in the vicinity of Sealdah station and very close proximity to the Howrah station and the University of Calcutta, just at the end of the flyover on Mahatma Gandhi Road, our college has the architecture of old colonial days with wide corridors and spacious classrooms. With an impressive roll-strength, the college premise is nevertheless clean and well maintained. It is one of the oldest and most famous evening colleges in the Eastern Region.

Continuously upgrading its facilities and academic environment, the college constantly organizes seminars on multi-dimensional topics with the active participation of teachers, students and scholars.

To keep pace with the globalized world, the college is about to introduce some market­ oriented courses subject to approval from its parent body. The college also has an active Placement Cell which ensures that students reap the benefits of their education by getting jobs. Dedicated families of teachers all of whom are eminent in their own academic fields serve the college. In addition to the formal lecture method, tutorials and special classes are regularly held. The student-teacher relationship is respectful and friendly. The non-teaching staff of our college, who tirelessly works to maintain accounts, records, water and uninterrupted power, all crucial for a sound academic ambience, ably upholds this peaceful academic environment. The college also maintains a number of committees and sub-committees to look after the day to day affairs and grievances of students.

The college organized a tri-language (Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali) “Kavita Utsav” which reflected national integrity and language harmony. Writers, poets, scholars, researchers, students, and luminaries participated in the programme. Our college authority takes up all efforts to maintain healthy water supply facilities, power supply in power shedding hours, and maintains sound academic environment. Our college maintains a healthy balance between formal as well as informal interactions amongst faculty members with a view to deliver quality teaching services for all concerned. The committees and sub-committees with all sincerity perform all delegated responsibilities squarely in a democratic style of management. Our college earnestly organizes all cultural activities through which students get opportunity to cultivate their talents.