Academics – Surendranath Evening College



  • Every student has to attend regularly all classes as held in the respective subjects and must meet the minimum requirements of the University in this regard.
  • As per the requirements of the University, a student must attend at least 75% of the classes held in each subject, for being considered regular.
  • Science students, not attending theoretical classes regularly should not be allowed to attend practical classes in the respective subjects.
  • Promotion and permission to appear at the University examination are subject to not only satisfactory record or work but also regular attendance/lectures, tutorials, practical and fulfilment of other conditions as required by the University.


Success rate of students of the department hovers around 85% and it varies marginally from year to year in tandem with variation of University rate of success.




College maintains its academic examinations time to time to evaluate the progress of the students. The students get their promotion to the next higher classes after passing through class tests and annual examinations. Most of the examinations are being conducted following the rules and regulations of the University of Calcutta.



A cumulative continuous assessment procedure is being followed for assessment of our students. Performance of our students is being continuously monitored by our respective departmental teachers. For advanced students, a few topics of advanced type are being taught. The objective of tutorial classes is to upgrade the weaker students and to motivate students for independent thinking and learning.



Courses are taught according to C.U. syllabus. There was revision of syllabus effective from 2003-04 in the form of introduction of new subjects of Information Technology and Financial Statement Analysis. Further the distribution of marks of questions was changed. Again new examination (1+1+1) system has been put in place in 2005-06. Seminars and workshops are organised before introduction of such changes and a few teachers from our department participated in it.



Classes are held from 4-15 p.m. to 9-15 p.m. subject to alteration from time to time in the interest of students. Vocational and Electronic Science (Honours) classes start at 2.30 p.m.



The Students, under the supervision and guidance of Teacher-in-Charge-Magazine, publish the college Magazine. The students express their creative talent in the college magazine. “SARASWATI” is the magazine in which the teachers, students, seminar participants contribute their writings.


In academic organization office plays a very significant role. Keeping this in mind, our college maintains a very dynamic, modernized, systematic, and service-centric role for the benefit of our students. The college office meets its students’ requirements adequately. The office is furnished, computerized, and administered under an able management. Our accounts, students’ information, and academic results are expected to be computerized very soon. Our college has proud possession of excellent non-teaching employees.