NOTICE – Surendranath Evening College




Date: 07 .12.2020

            Sealed tenders are invited from reputed manufacturers/vendors within 7 (seven) days for the purchase of following items to carry out research under the project funded by Department of Science and Technology &Biotechnology, Govt of West Bengal, with Memo No. 275 (Sanc.)/ST/P/S&T/16G-10/2018.


The items with specifications are:

  1. Vacuum Pump (Rotary vane)

With vacuum level ~10-3 mbar


2. Ultrasonic Cleaner

Power 150W

Timer 0-99 min

Temperature RT to 100 degree

Capacity 3L


Dr. Debasish Manna                                                    Dr. Supti Saha Roy

Bursar                                                                          Teacher-in-charge

Surendranath Evening College                                     Surendranath Evening College